Fill in the form below to request a boarding reservation for your pet. We will respond to you with our availability and to finalize your reservation. (Note: This is a request for boarding, your actual reservation will need to be confirmed by a PetWorks employee.) 

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Standard Boarding for Dogs
$36 per day

All dogs will enjoy their own T-Kennel run, receive outdoor time.

Upgrade to a Suite!
In addition to standard boarding, PetWorks offers serene and spacious suites with a large Petcot style bed. 

Junior Suite - 5x10' Room
$40 per day

Deluxe Suite - 10x10' Room
$44 per day

Cat Condo Rates
$20 per day

Our feline friends stay in a separate area of the facility in their very own β€œCat Condo.” With a large area to lounge during the day and separate rooms for meals and litter boxes, PetWorks is sure to please the even the most fickle feline.